There once existed a kaiju of immense power, a being of pure hedonism and lust that caused near endless destruction, leaving debauchery and broken souls in her wake. She was referred to as "Kanikumo", a 250 meter tall spider monster that had an endless hunger. But one day, she grew bored of the chaos she wrought, tired of the screams of terror, longing for something new; something that she could call her own. It was in her search for purpose that she came across a being of pure shadow, Nighe, whom she spoke to about her dream of creation instead of destruction. Touched by this sentiment, the being offered their assistance in achieving her goal, in exchange for possessing her shadow.
After that fated encounter, they created a realm that she would call home: a place where those who are lost and want to be found, will be found; where they can eat, relax, and be entertained. She named it Autumnfell, after the season of abundance and harvest. At the heart of it, she built her residence, the Hallow Inn; an architectural nightmare of a hotel built atop a showroom. Before long, several more came to live with her in Autumnfell, building their residence and setting up shop for those who travel through, expanding their community. Satisfied with what she has created, she saw no need to keep her monstrous form anymore, compressing her body down in size and adopting the name Gaz Acantha.
Today, Gaz still resides in the Hallow Inn with her shadow, entertaining her guests and offering a room to stay to all who pass through. She uses her experience and power to encourage self-love in others, whether it be teasing them, making them laugh, or calling them her treats.~